In view of the inherent value of sharing news and analysis about the topics that are most important to us and to our community, the Michelson Philanthropies network published more than 230 articles in 2021, far more than in years past.

Michelson Philanthropies — including Michelson Found Animals Foundation, Michelson Medical Research Foundation, Michelson 20MM Foundation, Michelson Center for Public Policy, Michelson Institute for Intellectual Property, FirstGen Initiative — strive to make a positive impact in animal welfare, medical research, equity in education, immigration, and public policy.

As founder and co-chair Dr. Gary Michelson might say, the ultimate goal is to leave the world better than we found it, and to have had our being here make a difference.

The focus was on impact. Michelson Philanthropies worked to make emergency student aid more equitable, to expand educational access to the incarcerated, to bridge the Digital Divide, support young and innovative medical researchers, and to educate HBCU students about the world of intellectual property and copyright law.

Articles that highlight where our work has had a direct impact — such as congressional leaders citing our Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative in a bill that reduces restrictions around pets in public housing, or California allocating $115 million to help community college students afford textbooks — were thus very popular among our readers this year.

Yet it’s no surprise when 70 percent of U.S. households own pets that stories featuring the Found Animals Foundation were the most engaging, especially content that provided expert knowledge on how to take better care of your best friend.

Below are the top 10 most read stories from each website publishing news and analysis on our websites. Reread your favorite pieces or read them for the first time.

Michelson Philanthropies

Michelson Found Animals Kicks Off the 2021 Saving Pets Challenge

A Conversation with Alya and Gary Michelson

Congress Members Cite MFA’s Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative Report in Introducing the ‘Pets Belong with Families Act’

Let Them Be Heard: Telling the Stories of America’s Immigrant Women

Announcing New Staff Members: Michelson Philanthropies is Growing

Young and Diverse Teams of Researchers Produce More Impactful Science

To Vaccinate Our Economy, Boost Support for the NIH

New California Budget Allocates $115 Million to Support Students Cover Exorbitant Textbook Costs

Michelson Found Animals Announces New CEO

Career Skills Program Underway with Eight Immigrant Women Enrolled as Upwardly Global’s First All-Female Cohort


Michelson Found Animals Foundation

“Can My Dog Eat…” Vegetable Edition

Dangerous Pet Toxins Found in Everyday Household Cleaners

Dos and Don’ts of Visiting an Animal Shelter

7 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Pawprint

6 Tips for Stopping Your Dog From Begging

Update Regarding Michelson Found Animals Adopt & Shop Culver City

Things to Think about When Looking For a Dog

Congress Members Cite MFA’s Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative Report in Introducing the ‘Pets Belong with Families Act’

These Are the 7 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the United States

Partnering with Homeboy Industries to Help Pets In Need


Michelson 20MM Foundation

Creating a Culture of Care for Parenting Students at California State University, Long Beach

A Tribute to Correctional Education Leader John Linton

Equity in Emergency Student Aid Is Within Reach in California

Michelson 20MM Joins California Department of Education to Identify Solutions to Close the Digital Divide

CSU Channel Islands to Create CAopenEd, an Alliance for OER Advocates

A Spotlight on Our Open Educational Resources Spark Grantees

Possibility Report: From Prison to College Degrees in California

Danny Murillo Joins Michelson 20MM Foundation as a Smart Justice Fellow

Get to Know Our Student Basic Needs Spark Grantees

MIT Faculty Share Learnings from Teaching Online in the Midst of a Pandemic


Michelson Medical Research Foundation

Mapping a Detailed COVID-19 Symptoms Timeline

Michelson Prizes Invites Applications for $150,000 Research Grants in Human Immunology

Nanofabrication Laboratory Opens at USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience

Applications Now Open for the Michelson Philanthropies & Science Prize for Immunology

Healthy Planet, Healthy People: How Climate Change Impacts Human Immunology

2020 Michelson Prizes Awarded to Young Scientists in Pursuit of Vaccine Breakthroughs

Researchers Develop New Way to Watch Pancreatic Cells Package Insulin

Climate Change is a Direct Threat to Human Health and Immunology

A Conversation with Dr. Laura Mackay: Science Podcast

Dr. Gary K. Michelson Proposes a National Institute of Cures


Michelson Center for Public Policy

A Transformational Investment in California’s Future

Governor Signs SB 416, Making California Nation’s Leader in Prioritizing Education Access

Buchanan, Luria, Mace, Sherrill, and Boyle Introduce FDA Modernization Act to End Mandatory Animal Testing, Lower Drug Prices

Michelson Center for Public Policy Joins in Support of Governor Newsom’s $15 Million Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree Proposal

Education Leaders, Students Praise Bold Action to Expand College Affordability and Lower Textbook Costs

Growing Coalition of Academic Leaders, Policy Experts, and Students Calls for Full Funding of Governor Newsom’s Proposal to Cut Textbook Costs

Attention College Students: California’s New Budget Can Help You with Food and Housing

Bipartisan Congressional Leaders Introduce FDA Modernization Act to Curb Use of Animals in Medical Testing

DeLauro, Mace Lead Bipartisan Effort to End Mink Factory Farms Threatening to Extend COVID-19 Pandemic

To Support Future Medical Advances, Revamp the Rules for Funding Research


Michelson Institute for Intellectual Property

Understanding the Balance of Traditional IP Rights and Open Access Initiatives

Is It Fair Use or Infringement?

IP for Social Media Influencers and Content Creators

What’s in a Copyright?

IP for Creatives Online: IP For Podcasters

What Can Be Patented?

How to Strengthen Your Patent

5 IP Legal Agreements You Should Know About + Templates

What if Someone Infringes Your Copyright?

Fashion and Intellectual Property: Protecting Creative Works

California Assembly Member Ash Kalra Introduces Bill to Make Textbooks More Affordable

Dr. Gary K. Michelson’s Statement on Appointment of Assemblymember Rob Bonta as California Attorney General

Michelson Center for Public Policy Joins in Support of Gov. Newsom’s $15 Million Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree Proposal

U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Kangaroo Protection Act to Blunt the World’s ‘Largest Wildlife Slaughter’

State Superintendent Tony Thurmond Announces $1 Million Competition to Spur Innovation that Closes the Digital Divide for California Students, Educators, and Families

Increasing NIH Funding is Critical to Advancing Medical Research

Senator Hueso Legislation Would Protect Incarcerated Students’ Access to Higher Education

Alya and Gary Michelson Attend City Hall’s College Behind Bars Event

A Transformational Investment in California’s Future

Gary Michelson Delivers Intellectual Property Keynote Speech

Career Skills Program Underway with Eight Immigrant Women Enrolled as Upwardly Global’s First All-Female Cohort

Why I Care About the African Rainforest—And Why You Should Too

Nurturing Success Stories for Immigrant and Refugee Women

Upwardly Global Gala Celebrates the Contributions of Immigrants and Refugees

A Conversation with Alya and Gary Michelson

Alya Michelson Honors Simone Friedman with the Leadership in Animal Welfare Award

Let Them Be Heard: Telling the Stories of America’s Immigrant Women

Alya Michelson Launches ‘A Beautiful Journey,’ a New Podcast About Immigrant Women

Supporting a Generation of Innovative Female Founders in Pet Care

Alya Michelson Discusses Uplifting the Voices of Immigrant Women on SullivanSays Podcast


Stay tuned to our websites in 2022 for more on animal welfare, medical research, education, intellectual property, public policy, and immigration.