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Why is Intellectual Property Important?

Intellectual property has grown from a narrowly specialized legal field into a major force in American social and economic life today.

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The Intangible Advantage

Intellectual Property’s imprint is everywhere – from Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500 board rooms.

Any person today who does not understand at least the basics of intellectual property — and its value and role in science, business, arts, and the professions — will find him or herself at a distinct disadvantage in the world of tomorrow.

The Intangible Advantage aims to make intellectual property accessible to everyone, not just lawyers and CEOs.


How do exclusive rights to your inventions benefit you and society?


Can you protect a wide variety of artistic and intellectual works?


Why are distinctive words, names, and symbols valuable?

Trade Secrets

Do you have to publicly disclose your creation to gain legal protection?

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Created by the Brightest Minds in Intellectual Property

Gary K. Michelson

Gary K. Michelson

Publisher, Contributing Author

The most prolific inventor in the history of medicine, and is the sole named inventor of more than 950 already issued patents throughout the world.

David Kappos

David Kappos

Executive Editor

Served as Under Secretary of Commerce and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

David Kline

David Kline


Named one of the “World’s Top 300 Intellectual Property Strategists” by Intellectual Asset Management magazine.

With Contributing Authors

Paul R. Michel, Richard Epstein, Paul M. Janicke, Randall E. Kahnke, Robert G. Krupka, Louis Foreman, and Kerry L. Bundy

The Michelson 20MM Foundation

The Michelson 20MM Foundation supports and invests in leading edge entrepreneurs, technologies, models and initiatives with the potential to improve postsecondary access, affordability, and efficacy.