We’re passionate about intellectual property education, just like you.

We’re building a community focused on expanding access to understanding of intellectual property law and its value to society.

That’s why we’re inviting you to join a growing of IP advocates and experts and become a Michelson IP Ambassador.

As an Ambassador…

You’ll be on the front lines of IP education — supporting aspiring entrepreneurs, inventors and small business owners across the country with your expertise.

You’ll be part of a growing movement that’s turning the tide for IP education in the United States. With your leadership, we can ensure that more people understand the critical importance of intellectual property to our economy.

Together, we’ll democratize IP education.

What Does An IP Ambassador Do?

By becoming an IP Ambassador for IPOEF and the Michelson Institute for Intellectual Property, you’ll become a go-to thought leader with the #1 educational partner for IP. We’ll call on you when colleges, incubators and accelerators, and small business centers around the country need a subject matter expert.


As an Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to advance IP education in a number of ways:

  • Lending your thought leadership to IP-focused blogs and publications
  • Promoting IP educational resources to your community
  • Providing in-person or virtual workshops on intellectual property
  • Sharing stories about your work promoting IP education


Do IP Ambassadors Have To Travel?

No travel required! When it’s the best fit, our partners can come to you. We’ll set up virtual conferences and webinars, so you can act as an ambassador right from your office or home.


What’s In It For Me?

When you join IP Ambassadors, you’ll become part of an elite corps of IP champions. This tight-knit community will be networked and connected through high-profile convenings and partnerships . You’ll also receive a free IP Educational Toolkit from the Michelson Institute for Intellectual Property!

You’ll Work With:
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Join Us!

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