Since 2017, Michelson IP has worked alongside NACCE to provide a first-of-its-kind IP curriculum to member colleges mostly in the community college arena.

Our pilot phase included a dynamic community of practice that spearheaded the modular buildout of an undergraduate IP curriculum and eventually led to its adoption at more than 85 NACCE colleges.

Then in 2020, we announced the acceptance of five institutions into our newly launched IP Educator in Residence Initiative. Selected educators worked tirelessly to support advancing IP literacy efforts across the NACCE ecosystem at community colleges across the country.

To culminate the program cycle, the faculty leads of this community of practice now present IPxEd 101: A Guide for Teaching Intellectual Property For Innovative Educators.

This guide acts as a resource for fellow educators at community colleges looking to be champions for intellectual property in curricula in their classrooms, institutions and communities. The guide also includes practical applications of free and openly licensed intellectual property curricula, academic discussions, thoughtful insights, best practices and valuable resources.

Access the full IPxEd 101 Guide micro site here:

headshots of faculty lead eirs with contact
Guide for Teaching IP by Michelson 20MM Foundation