Need some good reading material? Here’s a quick recap of the top IP news stories and hot topics in IP we loved diving into the past month!

  • “A class-action lawsuit filed in a federal court in California this month takes aim at GitHub Copilot, a powerful tool that automatically writes working code when a programmer starts typing. The coder behind the suit argues that GitHub is infringing copyright because it does not provide attribution when Copilot reproduces open-source code covered by a license requiring it.” – This Copyright Lawsuit Could Shape the Future of Generative AI, Wired
  • “It shouldn’t be surprising to know that the sharing of full movies, is in fact, a violation of Twitter’s copyright policy. However given recent events within the company, it seems the platform is running with a skeleton crew at the moment. One of [Elon] Musk’s ideas after taking over was to introduce long, 40+ min videos for Twitter Blue subscribers, but that might have to be put on the back burner for now if the site’s automated copyright enforcement system can’t be fixed.” – Twitter’s copyright system seemingly broken as full-length movies are posted on platform, Mashable
  • “In her 2020 law journal article, “The Patent Bar Gender Gap,” former patent agent Mary Hannon makes a convincing argument for why expanding the list of eligible degrees to include STEM adjacent fields would diversify participation in the patent system without sacrificing patent quality.” – Will More Women Patent Attorneys Lead To More Women Inventors?, Forbes


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