Need some good reading material? Here’s a quick recap of the top IP news stories and hot topics in IP we loved diving into this month!

  • “Los Angeles restaurateur Andy Nguyen is now planning to open the very first restaurant based on the Bored Ape Yacht Club [NFT collection]. Nguyen hopes to show how the marketing potential of the BAYC and NFTs can translate into the real world with his venture​” – Bored Ape Yacht Club Owner Uses IP Ownership Rights to Open Restaurant, Hypebeast
  • “The clinic tackles diversity issues in intellectual property in two ways: encouraging more people of color to enter the traditionally white, male intellectual property field and providing legal assistance to people who are underrepresented in inventorship and trademark registration applications.” – Social Justice Meets IP at Howard Law Clinics Tackling Diversity, Bloomberg Law
  • “Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Cisco, Google, Intel, Meta, and Microsoft, among others, have employee patent recognition programs. The incentives vary, but these tech giants offer even entry-level employees cash rewards and free access to a team of patent attorneys […] Payouts to inventor-employees typically start at about $500 but might go into the thousands for ascending stages of a patent’s lifecycle.” – Inside Big Tech’s Race to Patent Everything, WIRED

Final tidbits: Apple’s fierce sometimes overboard trademark protections; IP legal fight over spinoff of famous Bored Ape NFT character; HBCU grads celebrate billion dollar valuation for Fintech app; opinion piece on ‘Routine’ Patent Assignments


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