Need some good reading material? Here’s a quick recap of the top IP news stories and hot topics in IP we loved diving into the past month!

  • “The whole [Chipotle vs. Sweetgreen dispute] got us thinking about trademarks, especially when the trademarked word or phrase is something that can be used in other contexts, like the word ‘chipotle.'” – What’s in a name, and what’s really in a trademark?, KJZZ/Rio Salado College/MCCCD
  • “Presently, the U.S. Copyright Office has said that the majority of work generated by AI lacks eligibility for copyright protection. But in cases where an AI has contributed to a piece, copyright could potentially be applicable if a human has “chosen or organized” the AI-generated content in a manner that exhibits a level of creativity deemed to be an original creation.” – How Does Copyright Law Work if a Human Rewrites an AI Script?, No Film School


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