Need some good reading material? From startups to innovation education–here’s a quick recap of the top stories we loved diving into this month!

  • “The types of IP protection you choose will depend on the shape your intellectual property takes. For instance, a patent is more appropriate for a new machine, whereas unique business processes are generally only securable as trade secrets.” – A Guide To Modern Intellectual Property Protection For Startups, Forbes
  • “Late last month the CEOs of four of the most powerful tech companies in the world — Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Apple’s Tim Cook, and Sundar Pichai of Alphabet, which owns Google — testified before the House Judiciary Committee […] That’s quite a fall for Big Tech, which just a decade ago was viewed by Congress as an unalloyed social good.” – Revisiting Big Tech’s Patent Troll BoogeymanRealClear Politics
  • “COVID-19 has upended so many academic norms. Now Youngstown State University may be poised to turn another tradition on its head: faculty ownership of textbooks, articles and other nonpatentable works.” – Intellectual Property ‘Grab’, Inside Higher Ed
  • “When the pandemic forced us to shift to online teaching, that experimentation turned into a necessity. Three hours staring at a Zoom screen while listening to team after team present is just untenable and unwatchable. Customer discovery is doable remotely but different. Teams are scattered across the world. And the instructor overhead of managing all this is probably 3X what it is in person.” – Teaching Lean Innovation in the Pandemic, Steve Blank for LinkedIn Pulse

Finally, our partners at Lemelson-MIT recently published a white paper with the goal to highlight “Policy Initiatives Needed to Foster Female Inventors’ Contributions to U.S. Economic Growth”. The paper is available here to read and download.


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