Need some good reading material? Here’s a quick recap of the top IP news stories we loved diving into this month!

  • “I licensed a great deal of intellectual property. We did a count once; I had 20 different licensees. Some of them were the largest orthopedic companies in the world. Some of them were the largest spine companies in the world and a couple of them were just startups that had no other product but the single product I licensed to them.” – How Billionaire Inventor Dr. Gary Michelson Negotiates Licensing Deals, Forbes
  • “IPwe, a platform for the world’s IP ecosystem, today announced that it plans to begin representing corporate patents as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), in collaboration with major computer company IBM.” – IBM Is Turning Patents Into NFTs, Decrypt
  • “Already a market leader, Peloton benefited spectacularly from the pandemic, minting founder John Foley as a billionaire. But it still has unfinished business: fending off competitors with lawsuits accusing them of copying the technology built into its $2,000-plus stationary bikes.” – Peloton’s ‘Revolutionary’ Technology Faces Test in Patent Wars, Bloomberg 
  • “By re-recording her first album (the songs sound almost identical to the original version) and changing the title ever-so-slightly, Swift regained control of a nearly identical version of the master album. […] This is must-read material for every artist, entrepreneur and lawyer. Swift just offered us all a master class in contract law and artists’ rights.” – Songwriter U: What Can We Learn About Copyrights, Contracts From Taylor Swift, American Songwriter
  • “There are no categories for these innovations, which are reshaping our world in real-time. The problem? When patent classifications don’t actually classify inventions, we have no way of knowing how many inventions in these categories are being registered.” – Why the Patent Classification System Needs an Update, IPWatchdog

Final tidbits: For more IP news see great interactive NYT deep-dive into the fashion trademark intricacies of Virgil Abloh/OFFWhite; NFTs keep coming up, check it out this informative attorney interview in LA Mag; see continued debates on Covid-related patents in The Economist


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